RoutaBoard® - official edit software


It' s a FREE Routaboard software ! And there is even more! In order to let the user make the most of Routaboard, a simple and convenient PC software called Routaedit was written to help in the creation of layouts as well as import, export, and editing of RBDL files. RBDL is RoutaBoard Description Language, specialy created to make your project more simple and productive.

Routaedit is a .NET based program and is so simple for use. It has a eight active button menu as bellow descibed. First button is called "New project", second is "Open", it's operate with directories system of your PC for navigating which file you want to open for editing. Third button is for saving your current project to RBDL file.Forth and Fifth buttons are for "Zoom in" in and "Zoom out" of your working area on the board. Next two buttons are to select what you want to edit - board or components (incude add and remove components). Tha last active button is used to select your RoutaBoard® type

Supported platforms :   Windows(x86, x86-64)


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